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Firecamp Pack Test

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Work Capacity Test

Our regular course for the pack test consists of 12 quarter-mile laps around the Salida High School track at an elevation of 7,100 ft. above sea level. Comfortable shoes and an mp3 player are no substitute for preparation, but they help make the experience a little more bearable.

Members of the Colorado Air National Guard complete the pack test at Buckley Air Force Base, during an S-130/190 class provided by Colorado Firecamp in July, 2006. Structural firefighting SCBA's were used as 45-pound packs. A fire engine with EMT's escorts the walkers for safety.

Thanks to Karen and Willy Yuniker for use of the Adobe Park Arena north of Poncha Springs during the January, 2007 S-130/190 class. The perils of stepping in manure for the 19.3 laps around the indoor equestrian center were a small price to pay for avoiding the snow and ice of an outdoor course.


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