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Our Favorite Wildfire Websites
(nine, so far - and one that would be)

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Wildland Fire Information

They Said is the self-proclaimed "home of the wildland firefighter." Among many resources on their site is the bulletin board, They Said It, which was first moderated by the original "Abercrombie" and now by Abby. They Said provides its readers with LCES: a Lookout for what we probably couldn't otherwise see happening in the rest of the wildfire world; Communications to bring together a diverse group of agency, contractor and cooperator folks (and even some of those structure types); Escape routes for when the off-season or office day lasts too long or is just too far from the smoke; and ultimately, a Safety zone in the information, innovation and motivation to help bring us all back home.

Fire Leadership

The Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program came about following the South Canyon tragedy. They have put together a great site, with resources for all levels of firefighter from the newest probie to the type 1 IC. We're pretty big on leadership at Colorado Firecamp - see the book review on our 'About Us' page. Kent learned about the professional reading program on the website and started a small library at fire station #4.

Jefferson County, Colorado

Jefferson County's Emergency Management website outlines the kind of comprehensive wildfire program every county should create. Their slash collection program and type 3 IMT (incident management team) address a couple of the big issues: helping homeowners create defensible space and managing the fires that escape initial attack.

National Weather Service - Pueblo Fire Weather

There is good reason why the 10 Standard Firefighting Orders start with: “Keep informed on fire weather conditions and forecasts.” With helpful websites like this, what excuse can firefighters cling to as they keep bending and breaking the first order?

Wildland Fire Training

Colorado Wildfire Academy

The wildfire academy concept started here, literally, with the first Colorado Wildfire Academy in the Upper Arkansas Valley in 1994. The increased training requirements of PMS 310-1 would not have been achievable without the delivery capacity of this and the other large academies that followed. A word of advice: Get all the training you can, wherever you can.

Pueblo Zone wildfire training calendar

Well, this would be a favorite of ours, if such a website existed. The Pueblo Zone covers everything in Colorado east of the Continental Divide and south of Interstate 70, plus the whole state of Kansas. More than a few classes get cancelled each year for lack of students, while firefighters are held back on their quals because they can't find the training they need. Go to the Rocky Mountain Region website to see what other zones offer (Grand Junction has the most.)

Vendors of Firefighter Stuff

Chuck Roast

Chuck Roast Equipment, Inc. is a New Hampshire clothing company and the first vendor to send us something for a door prize - a Nomex fleece hat - to give to one of our students. Thanks, Chuck.

Urban Interface

Harry Carter

Harry Carter came up through the ranks of the Newark Fire Department (yes, they have wildlands in New Jersey, though Newark doesn't invoke that image.) Now known as "Dr. Carter," Harry advocates for safety and leadership in the fire service. The Commentary section is a collection of his weekly columns for Warning: Do not follow this link if the way we've always done things for the last 250 years is good enough for you.


Colorado Biomass Information Clearinghouse

One of the biggest hurdles to wildfire mitigation is what to do with all the slash generated by thinning. The Governor's Office of Energy Management and Conservation has created this website to bring together all the different people working on the partial solutions to the biomass problem. Market development is key to this effort.

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