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Frequently Asked Questions...

...about the red card.

...course prerequisites and what class to take.

...what to bring to class.

...accomodations at Firecamp.

...getting a job as a wildland firefighter.

...wildland firefighter boots.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Do I already need to have an agency sponsor to take the S-130/190 Basic Firefighter class?”

No, in fact, that may be just the reason you would take the class here — because you want to be hired by a wildland agency. Getting the basic training before applying improves the chances that your resume/application will rank above other applicants. Check our schedule for the next S-130/190 class.

“Can I take the S-131/133/211 Firefighter Type 1 training right after the S-130/190 class?”

Yes, because you meet the prerequite qualification as Firefighter Type 2 (FFT2) with completion of S-130/190. Generally, an individual won't start working on the FFT1 position taskbook until after one or more fire seasons.


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