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Fire Instructor I

  • January 19-22, 2023
  • May 18-21, 2023
  • September 14-17, 2023

class information

IFSTA “Fire & Emergency Services Instructor”

Pre-course Assignments

Equivalency to M-410, Facilitative Instructor

Download the Fire Instructor I flyer (98 kb) and Firecamp Application (170 kb) in PDF format.

Poinciana, Florida Live-Fire Training Deaths — July, 2002

Lt. John Mickel and Dallas Begg Act

NIOSH Report, 2002-34

Florida State Fire Marshal Report

Preventing Deaths and Injuries to Fire Fighters during Live-Fire Training in Acquired Structures, CDC Workplace Solutions — November, 2004

Poinciana Video

Links to Instructor Resources

Colorado Fire Training Officers Association

Colorado Division of Fire Prevention & Control

Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute Drill of the Month Weekly Fire Drills

IFSTA Fire and Emergency Services Instructor, 9th edition

This edition of the IFSTA Fire and Emergency Services Instructor manual provides the information necessary to meet the job performance requirements set out in NFPA 1041, Standard for Fire Service Instructor Professional Qualifications (2019) for Levels I, II, and III JPRs. Rewritten and reorganized from previous editions, the 9th edition is intended to meet two different needs. First, it provides the information separately necessary to teach courses for each level. By combining the information found in Part A with the appropriate level-specific information in one of the other parts, a training division or agency can develop a certification program suited to their needs. Second, the manual acts as a general reference for current instructors who may be required to perform duties outside their current certification level. For instance, a Level I instructor may be called upon to create a lesson plan, normally the responsibility of a Level II instructor, and will find this information included in the manual helpful.

Chapter List:

Part A: Instructor I

  1. The Instructor as a Professional
  2. Principles of Learning
  3. Instructional Planning
  4. Instructional Materials and Equipment
  5. Learning Environment
  6. Classroom Instruction
  7. Student Interaction
  8. Skills-Based Training Beyond the Classroom
  9. Testing and Evaluation
  10. Records, Reports, and Scheduling

Part B: Instructor II

  1. Lesson Plan Development
  2. Training Evolution Supervision
  3. Test Item Construction
  4. Supervisory and Administrative Duties
  5. Instructor and Cladd Evaluations

Part C: Instructor III

  1. Course and Curriculum Development
  2. Training Program Evaluation
  3. Training Program Administration


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