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Point Fire, 1995
Island Fork Fire, 1999

Point Fire Case Study

Point Fire Accident Investigation

A. Point Fire Overview

B. Investigation

C. Recommendations

D. Supporting Data

  • Sequence of Events
  • Organization Charts
  • Site Investigation
  • Fire Behavior Report
  • Property Damage Report
  • Witness Statements
  • Outline of Kuna Wildland Training Provided by BLM

E. Records and Reports

  • Preplanned Dispatch
  • BLM Radio Transmission Log
  • Ada County Dispatch Log
  • Fire Incident Status Summary
  • Escaped Fire Situation Analysis
  • Wildland Fire Entrapment Report
  • Technical Analysis of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Weather Reports

F. Glossary


Island Fork Fire Accident Investigation


Island Fork Fire, NIOSH Report

Point Fire — U.S. District Court Civil Case

Ruling on I.C.'s Decisions - Nov. 10, 1998
 • Factual Background
 • Legal Analysis

Ruling on BLM Liability - Feb. 19, 1999
Findings of Fact
 • Legal Standards
 • Analysis

Ruling on Public Safety Officer Benefits (PSOB)


Surviving Fire Entrapments


Colorado Firecamp extends special thanks to Linda Perkins, BLM Idaho State FOIA Coordinator, for her friendly assistance in gathering the Point Fire documents. BLM FOIA Letter


Kentucky Division
of Forestry

Report of the
Accident Investigation Team
for the
Island Fork Fire

April 6, 1999 • Near Cranston, Kentucky

The Kentucky Division of Forestry thanks the U.S.D.A. Forest Service and the Daniel Boone Firefighters Association for their assistance in the preparation of this report.

Stephen F. Pedigo
Forest Supervisor, Rio Grande National Forest, Region 2
Team Leader

John Stivers
Safety Officer, U. S. Forest Service, Region 8

Team Member

Charles E Wilburn
District Ranger, Kentucky Division of Forestry

Team Member

Dale Adkins
President, Daniel Boone Firefighters Association

Team Member

Dick Mangan,
Fire/Aviation Program Leader, MTDC, Missoula, MT

Technical Specialist

Glen Fortenberry
TMA, Pleasant Hill Ranger District, Ozark National Forest

Technical Specialist, Fire Behavior

Mike Gay
Supervisory Law Enforcement Officer, Daniel Boone National Forest

Technical Specialist, Law Enforcement
Virginia Fields
Business Management Assistant, Daniel Boone National Forest
Technical Specialist, Information Specialist

In Memory of
Kevin Rex Smith
Kenneth Allen Nickell

Volunteer firefighters of the Route 377 Volunteer Fire Department who perished on the Island Fork Fire due to the unforeseen interaction of strong wind and complex terrain. This resulted in a rapidly spreading, high intensity fire that prevented them from wing escape routes to reach the safety zone or burned-over area.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary I
Fire Progression Map III
Vicinity Map 1
Introduction 2
Sequence of Events 3

Fire Behavior


Environmental Factors


Incident Management


Control Mechanisms


Involved Personnel Profiles, Equipment, General

Significant Causal Factors  

Flame Lengths, Wind, Spot Fires, Terrain

Conclusion and Commendations 12
Recommendations 13

Appendix A: Environmental Factors, Weather, and Fire Behavior


Appendix B: Organization/Control Mechanisms


Appendix C: Fire Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment


Appendix D: Evaluation of 10 Standard Fire Orders and 18 Watch-Out Situations


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