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2003 NWCG Contract Resource Package

Memorandum to NWCG on the Contractor Qualifications Package

NWCG Revised 1994 Certs Letter

Sample Training Provider MOU

Sample Contractor Provisions

Memorandum to NWCG on Contractor Performance Appraisals

ICS 224

ICS 225

Memorandum to NWCG on Incident Behavior

English Incident Behavior

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NWCG Casual Hire Memorandum

Casual Hire Form


2003 NWCG Contract Resource Package

NWCG Contract Resource Products Memo

September 20, 2003


To: NWCG Members, GACG Chairs

From: NWCG Chair /s/ J.L. Stires

Subject: NWCG Contract Resource Products

Because of issues arising from the increased use of contractor resources in wildland fire operations, the NWCG tasked the Incident Business Practices (IBPWT), Safety and Health (S&HWT) and Training Working Teams (TWT) with developing products to promote safety and help standardize use of contractor resources. Final review and modification of the products requested by the parent group at the 87th NWCG Meeting in May 2003 has been completed. Therefore, the NWCG is releasing the attached wildland fire resource contracting products for use. Products include:

NWCG members and Geographic Area Coordinating Groups are encouraged to use the products when contracting resources for wildland fire management activities. Any comments or suggestions to improve or expand the scope of these products should be provided to NWCG through members' representatives to the NWCG IBPWT, S&HWT or TWT as appropriate.


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