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How Firecamp Got Started

Firecamp-RMCG Memorandum of Understanding, approved November, 2003

Revision to 1994 NWCG Training Memo, adopted September, 2003

Firecamp & RMCG Memorandum of Understanding

November, 2003 - After a little more than a year of discussions, Colorado Firecamp was granted a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to teach certified National Wildfire Coordinating Group classes as a public training provider and issue NWCG “certificates for course completion.” The 3 parties to the MOU are Region 2 - Rocky Mountain Coordinating Group, the Rocky Mountain Area Training Working Team, and Colorado Firecamp.

The MOU provides for the necessary oversight to ensure quality training. Several NWCG training memos are attached to this agreement.

The entire MOU is available for download in sections below, as Adobe .pdf files:

Colorado Firecamp MOU main body, 4 pages This is the core agreement that provides for the annual operating plan and advisory committee to guide Colorado Firecamp's operation.

Appendix A, RMCG instructor requirements, 15 pages These regional requirements for intructor training, experience and qualification exceed the national standards found in the Field Manager's Course Guide, PMS 901-1.

Appendix B, procedure for 300- and 400-level courses, 3 pages Colorado Firecamp's curriculum is geared for those students seeking the 100- and 200-level classes needed for engine boss (ENGB) qualification. But, this part of the MOU will allow us to someday expand our offerings as our students aspire to higher quals, such as task force and strike team leader. These higher level classes will be added to our schedule when justified by the Pueblo Zone training need analysis and when not in conflict with similar offerings in the state.

Attachment 1, NWCG policy review, 3 pages This May, 2002 document from the NWCG Training Working Team summarizes current policy, clarifies issues and makes recommendations for changes.

Attachment 2, Koch memo re: non-NWCG entities, 2 pages This memo from October, 2002 identifies 12 issues surrounding NWCG training provided by and for non-NWCG entities: "those who provide training (i.e., community colleges) and those who receive training (i.e., contract fire crews)."

Attachment 3, 1994 NWCG memo, 5 pages This is the 1994 policy-setting memo referred to by the other 2 attachments. Only the first page of this memo is actually attached to the Colorado Firecamp MOU.


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