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Wildland Fire Jobs

Get a Job as a Wildland Firefighter

The Basics of Finding Work

Wildland Fire Jobs & Training Links

National Contract Crews

Writing a Resume

U.S. Forest Service / Avue Digital Services

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Wildland Fire Jobs & Training Links

(Yes, we know you want a job, but first read the section about finding work.)

Job Listings and On-line Applications


Agency Fire Employment Pages

City and Rural Fire Departments

  • Denver Metro Area The Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCoG) accepts applications and administers employment tests for thirteen fire departments in the metro area. The deadline for the June 6, 2011 test is May 6th - $50 testing fee.

  • Vail Fire Department &
    Eagle River Fire Protection District
    Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue (program eliminated in 2009)
    — These unpaid resident firefighter programs provide housing and pay for fire science college tuition. Vail also includes a ski and golf pass.

Wildland Fire Contractors

Fire Science Programs

Wildfire Academies

Other Wildland FAQ's Pages


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