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CDF/USFS Accident Investigation Report
(pages 1 - 92, .pdf file, 2.73 mb)

CDF/USFS Accident Investigation Report, Appendices (pages 93-183, .pdf file, 3.43 mb)

Glen Allen Fire

Investigation Report Forward by Chief P. Michael Freeman

Incident Overview

Sequence of Events

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Lessons Learned from 1993 Entrapments

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DATE: August 20, 1993
LOCATION: Los Angeles County
Angeles National Forest

Chronological Sequence of Events


On Friday, August 20, 1993, Ms. Catherine Ryker (Reichert) reported a vehicle and brush fire across the street from 1886 Glen Allen Lane, Altadena. Los Angeles County Fire Department dispatched two Engines, 11 and 66, to the scene. Battalion 4 notified.


Engines 11 and 66 dispatched to a grass and vehicle fire at the above location.


Engine 11 requested a first alarm brush assignment that should have included: included five engines (including Engine 66), four hand crews, one dozer, two helicopters with crews, two crew superintendents and one battalion chief.


Engine 11 requested Forest Service start a first alarm brush assignment which included five engines, one dozer and one hotshot crew.


Engine 11, on scene, reported approximately 2 acres in light to medium brush running uphill with a southwest wind at approximately 10 mph.


Copter 15 with Crew 2-2 arrived on scene.


Helicopter Air Squad 9 diverted to Mills Incident to fill out a second alarm brush request.


Crew 2-2 disembarked from Copter 15 at Helispot #1.


Glen Allen LAC IC notified of diversion of Helicopter Air Squad 9.


Copter 15 attempted to notify Glen Allen LAC IC that L.A. City Copter was on scene. LACC notified Copter 15 that they are unreadable.


Copter 15 asked LACC to relay information.

Copter 15 stated: “That’s the Forest Service helicopter above the fire and he’s in contact with me. He’s gonna put his crew up where I put mine and they’re gonna work their way down the east side. My crew’s working their way down the west side.”

LACC acknowledged message but it was not relayed to the Glen Allen LAC IC.


Crew 2-2 radioed Copter 15 to make a drop in the canyon bottom below them.


Flareup and entrapment occurred sometime between 16:07 and 16:14.


Crew 2-2 sent garbled message.


Crew 2-2 requested “emergency traffic – men trapped in the fire.”


Copter 15 asked if TRO1O dispatched an air squad. TRO1O: “Affirmative, we have an ambulance and air squad enroute. Crew 2-2, be advised, Copter 15 is enroute, and we are trying to get a hold of L.A. City Fire 4 above you to drop their water on you.”


Mills IC released Air Squad 9 for medical run to Glen Allen Incident.


Air Squad 9 responded with two paramedics.


Paramedics are dropped into the incident and commenced rescue and evacuation operations.


First victim was transported to Sherman Oaks Burn Center via Air Squad 9. ETA was 10 minutes.


L.A. City Fire Copter 2 enroute to Sherman Oaks Burn Center with second fire victim.


Air Squad 9 enroute to Verdugo Hills Hospital with third fire victim.


Fourth victim lowered to the bottom of canyon and carried out to 1781 Skyview Drive.
21:44 The Glen Allen Fire was declared under control.


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