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Fire Origins
Remember. Learn. Share.

On Protection of Towns from Fire — Benjamin Franklin, 1735

On Making Official History Honest — Kent Robert Greenfield, 1954

LCES—a Key to Safety in the Wildland Fire Environment — Paul Gleason, 1991

Attitude Check — Bill Fish, 1995

TriData Phase IV, “Developing a Cooperative Approach to Wildfire Protection” — Charles Perrow, 1998

Lessons From Thirtymile: Transition Fires And Fire Orders — Jerry Williams, 2001

Loop Fire Disaster Brief — November, 1966

1967 Task Force Report

2005 Fire Prevention and Safety grant application


“Let others communicate their Thoughts as freely as I have done mine, and perhaps something useful may be drawn from the Whole.”

— Benjamin Franklin, 1735

"On the actual day of battle naked truths may be picked up for the asking; by the following morning they have already begun to get into their uniforms."

— Sir Ian Hamilton, 1907

“...we had called the shots as we saw them.”

— Kent Robert Greenfield, 1954

“There's nothing here worth dying for.” — Don Mackey at the South Canyon Fire, 1994

“If we have people in fire overhead positions that are more concerned about that trip to the employment office than the lives of their fellow employees, I believe we have some serious problems.”

— IC for 1984 Rainbow Springs Fire, 1997

“Finally, the bulk of a safety culture is going to reside in responses at the lowest operative level that become almost automatic, unreflective, ‘just the way we do things here.’

— Charles Perrow, TriData Phase IV, 1998


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