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2003 NWCG Contract Resource Package

Memorandum to NWCG on the Contractor Qualifications Package

NWCG Revised 1994 Certs Letter

Sample Training Provider MOU

Sample Contractor Provisions

Memorandum to NWCG on Contractor Performance Appraisals

ICS 224

ICS 225

Memorandum to NWCG on Incident Behavior

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NWCG Casual Hire Memorandum

Casual Hire Form


2003 NWCG Contract Resource Package

Single Resource Casual Hire Information Form
PMS 934 (August, 2003)

Also available for download as MS-Word file here.

Single Resource Casual Hire Information Form


Office Name:


Unit ID:





Example: ID-BOF









Hiring Official Name:







Casuals Name:


Phone No:


Start Date:





Job Title:


AD Class:


AD Rate:  $


Incident  Order #:


Accounting Code:


Request #:


Example: ID-BOF-0423


Hiring of emergency personnel may be made according to the provisions of the Pay Plan for Emergency Workers when any of the following exists:


1. To fight a going fire.


2. Unusually dry period or fire danger is high to extreme.


3. To provide support to ongoing incident.


4. To place firefighter on standby for expected dispatch.


5. Temporarily replace members of fire suppression crews or fire management personnel who are on fires.


6. To attend fire suppression training.  Trainee  OR   Refresher  AND Course Title: _____________________


7. To instruct fire suppression training when all other methods of hiring and contracting instructors have been exhausted.


8. To cope with floods, storms or any other emergency.


9. To carry out emergency fire rehabilitation work when there is an immediate danger of loss of life or property.


10. Transition period following a natural emergency (not to exceed 90 days).


11. Hazardous Fuel Reduction NTE 300 hours per calendar year (DOI agencies only)


Casual is entitled to transportation to and from the incident:  No  Yes   

     Transportation method:


          POV (Mileage reimbursement authorized)

          Rental vehicle (Must be on resource order. Rental provided by:   Casual or Government)

          Other (list, such as bus, govt vehicle, EERA):


Check One:


Casual to be subsisted by government. Hiring unit will reimburse approved incidental expenses at actual cost; receipts required.


Casual will not be subsisted; travel authorization has been issued. Hiring unit to reimburse lodging, meals, and

incidental expenses at standard per diem rate.  Indicate TA #:






Completed by:

Hiring   Official:

I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification

OF-288, Emergency Firefighter Time Report (Complete Top section, Column A 1-8 and travel start time)

Direct Deposit form (if applicable) Provide to Casual

State/federal government-issued Picture ID verified and in Casual?s possession (required for all positions)

Incident qualification card (if required for position) verified and in Casual?s possession

State-required certification verified, if required for position  (e.g., CDL, driver?s license)



Federal W-4                            State W-4                        W-5, if applicable

Incident Behavior Form signed


Casual Signature (Required)



Hiring Official Signature (Required)




Distribution:  Original attached to original OF-288; Copy retained by Hiring Unit; Copy retained with incident records

Return original of this form and original OF-288 to the hiring unit.


PMS 934 (August 2003)

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