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2003 NWCG Contract Resource Package

Memorandum to NWCG on the Contractor Qualifications Package

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Sample Training Provider MOU

Sample Contractor Provisions

Memorandum to NWCG on Contractor Performance Appraisals

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2003 NWCG Contract Resource Package

IBPWT Contractor Qualifications Package Memo


Date: September 16, 2003

To: Jim Stires, Chair NWCG

From: Incident Business Practices Working Team

Subject: NWCG Position Paper, Contract Provisions Language Qualifications, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) template

The IBPWT presented the NWCG Position Paper dealing with non-NWCG entities for conducting NWCG courses and course certification, a draft template for an MOU between a geographic area coordinating group and a training provider, and contract provisions addressing qualifications and certification.

The discussion surrounding the information focused on the potential impact to a geographic area if this were to be required for implementation. In addition, changes were being made by the Pacific Northwest Coordinating Group (PNWCG) and contracting personnel in this area. Since much of the information presented was taken from the efforts in this area from the PNWCG, the working team was tasked with obtaining any additional information they may have.

The information was obtained and additional edits were made where possible. The documents were reviewed by the lead contracting officer for the Forest Service in this area and agreed to.

The documents are now ready for distribution to the NWCG members for adoption.

Please contact Dave Koch or myself if you have any questions or comments regarding the enclosed.


/s/ Tory Majors
Tory Majors, Chair IBPWT

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