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2003 NWCG Contract Resource Package

NWCG Standard Wildland and Prescribed Fire Contract Provisions

(note: The appendices are available
for download as an 8-page Adobe .pdf here.

The following are standard contract provisions pertaining to training and qualifications for wildland and prescribed fire contractors.

I. Minimum Qualifications

A. By signing this agreement or contract, the CONTRACTOR certifies that all employees hired by CONTRACTOR and employed in firefighting or prescribed fire operations meet the minimum qualification requirements pursuant to the following categories and defined by the Wildland and Prescribed Fire Qualification System Guide (PMS 310-1). Position qualification requirements are included in Appendix A.

1. Hand Crews
The standard for a Hand Crew is 20 properly trained individuals, available at the time of dispatch. At a minimum, contract hand crews will contain one Single Resource Crew Boss (CRWB) and three (3) Advanced Firefighter / Squad Bosses (FFT1). The remaining crewmembers must be minimally qualified as Firefighter (FFT2).

2. Engine Crews
Engine Crews must be supervised by at least one Single Resource Engine Boss (ENGB). The remaining engine crew personnel must be minimally qualified as Firefighter (FFT2).

3. Other Personnel
Other contracted resources or positions must meet the minimum standards identified in the Wildland and Prescribed Fire Qualification System Guide (PMS 310-1). For any position identified in PMS 310-1 with a fitness level of "None" or any technical specialist positions with the need to be on the fireline for non-suppression tasks, the required fitness level shall be "Light." Examples of "other personnel" include overhead resources or other single resource positions.

B. The GOVERNMENT reserves the right to reject any contractor or contractor's employee(s) that is not in full compliance with the qualification requirements for the position they occupy. Failure of any contractor or contractor's employee(s) to demonstrate an ability to perform tasks listed in the Position Task Book (PTB) or standard tasks of the position they occupy shall be cause for immediate release.

II. Proof of Qualifications

A. The CONTRACTOR will ensure that all employees possess a valid and current Wildland Fire Qualification System certification record. This certification card will identify the qualifications for the position the employee is occupying.

B. Information on the certification card shall include: name of the person typewritten or printed, social
security number, list of position{s) the person is qualified for, the date they passed the work capacity fitness test if required for the position(s), and the date of the individual's annual refresher training.

C. The certification card must be signed by the Certifying Official (Contractor or Contractor Association) which validates the contractor or contractor's employee(s) qualifications. The CONTRACTOR must maintain all documentation (training certificates and completed task books) that support qualifications.

D. The GOVERNMENT is not responsible for certifying or maintaining qualification records for contractors or contractor's employee(s).

E. The certification card will be in the possession of each employee while assigned. The CONTRACTOR or their representative must also have a copy of this certification while assigned.

F. An example of a qualification certification record is included in Appendix B.

III. Training Requirements

A. In addition to the training requirements defined by the 310-1 , the CONTRACTOR shall ensure that all employees receive Annual Safety Refresher Training. This training will include, at a minimum, "Standards for Survival," and "Your Fire Shelter" (2001 Pamphlet and Video) refresher courses.

1. CONTRACTOR will ensure that all training received by employees meets the course content and instructor standan:ls listed in PMS 907 (Course Coordinator Guide) and PMS 901-1 (Field Managers' Course Guide). Instructors used by Contractors for fire training must be recognized through a Geographic Area Coordinating Group Memorandum of Understanding or other formal agency agreement.

IV. Position Performance Assignments

A. Position Task Books

1. The CONTRACTOR may allow employees to perform position performance assignments (task book assignments) in order to qualify for upper level positions, as long as the minimum hand crew or engine crew position requirements are not compromised (Section I.A.).

2. The Crew manifest shall clearly identify CONTRACTOR employees who are considered trainees while participating on an Incident.

3. Pursuant to PMS 310-1, the evaluator/coach of the trainee must be fully qualified in the position.

4. Refer to Exhibit C for Task Book Administration guidelines.

V. Record Keeping

A. Contractor Responsibilities:

1. The CONTRACTOR shall maintain a complete set of training and experience records for each employee, for a minimum of three years. This will, at a minimum, include

a) course certificates required as a prerequisite for the position employee is occupying
b) task books for each employee, showing proof of final evaluation and certification by contractor or contractor association
c) Annual Safety Refresher Training documentation
d) work capacity test records if applicable
e) performance evaluations

2. The CONTRACTOR will maintain employee training and experience records, including records and certification cards for workers that are hired subsequent to receiving a dispatch order, in such a manner that they can be easily obtained and available for inspection at any time during the Contract, Agreement period, or Incident.

3. The Contractor should make available all documentation to the employee relative to the individual's training and experience.

VI. Government Responsibilities

A. Contracting Officer will review the contractor's certification records for all employees prior to contract award or establishment of an agreement. The Contracting Officer may request employee training and experience records prior to award.

B. The government reserves the right to review records and evaluate contractor employee's qualifications at any time during the contract period.

(note: The appendices are available
for download as an 8-page Adobe .pdf here.

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