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Frequently Asked Questions...

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Frequently Asked Questions

“What should I put into my GPS system?”

If you put the name Colorado Firecamp into Google Maps it should take you right to us.

You may also put in our address:
9008 County Road 240
Salida, CO 81201

“What about turn-by-turn directions?”

1. Get directions to County Road 240 for Salida, CO.
2. Once you've turned onto CR 240 you will drive until you see the Colorado Firecamp/Ponderosa Lodge sign at about headlight height. Turn RIGHT. This is the 3rd right turn off of paved CR 240.

3. You will cross a one-lane bridge and come to a Y in the road. Turn LEFT. There is a sign for the Ponderosa Lodge here, also headlight height.
4. Follow the dirt road as it curves up around to the RIGHT and head up the hill. The lodge is at the top. DO NOT go to the cluster of cabins at the bottom of the driveway.

Note - The driveway for Firecamp is only about 1/4 mile off of US Highway 50. If your GPS takes you to a dirt 4x4 road up CR 240 you've gone too far.

“How long of a drive is it to get to Firecamp from Denver?”

It is roughly a 3 hour drive to get to Firecamp from Denver, or anywhere on the front range. The various routes will take you over mountain passes. We highly recommend you check the weather forecast and for road conditions/closures and any storms prior to starting your drive.

Note - If you are not an experienced mountain driver you may want to drive out the day before class starts while there is daylight.

“Is there parking?”

Yes! We have a large parking lot to accomodate our students that drive their personal vehicles to class.

“Is the road plowed?”

Yes! We plow our driveway during the winter, but we do not salt it. Depending on the conditions the road may be a little slick in the evenings. The majority of cars are able to make it up the driveway without any problems. If you're concerned please call ahead for current road conditions.

“What airport should I fly into?”

The primary airport to use is Denver International (DIA). It tends to have the cheapest flights, car rentals, hotel rooms, and is your only option if you plan on taking a bus to Firecamp once you land.

If you are planning to rent a car once you land there are two smaller airports nearby: Colorado Springs and Gunnison. Sometimes you can find better deals here but it's rare.

“I'm taking the bus, when should I arrange my flight arrival and departure at DIA?”

Arrival - 11:30am, or earlier, the day before your scheduled class start date.
Departure - 3pm, or later, the day after your scheduled class end date.

Note - There is only ONE bus that goes from Denver to Salida every day. The recommended times listed above include travel time from DIA to the bus depot in downtoan Denver, along with some additional buffer to account for any travel issues that may arise.

“How do I catch the bus from DIA?”

1. DIA - Union Station: Light rail train service departs every 15 minutes on RTD Rail: A Line between DIA and Union Station in downtown Denver. Ticket cost is $9 each way and tickets can be purchased on the train platform. The ride takes roughly 45 minutes.

You do not need to walk the mile from Union Station to the downton Denver bus depot. Your bus will stop at Union Station after it departs the bus depot.

2. Union Station - Salida: Daily bus service to Salida departs from downtown Denver (Union Station) at 1:45pm with a one-way cost of $29 on the Bustang, Gunnison-Denver route. You may purchase the ticket online ahead of time through the Bustang website. You can also pay the driver in cash on pick-up, but they do not issue change. This ride takes roughly 3 hours.

The departure gate for your bus will be assigned day of. You will need to look it up or ask a worker at the station for the correct spot. Please do not call Firecamp.

“Will someone pick me up at the bus stop in Salida?”

Yes! Please call or email ahead of time that you will need a pick-up at the bus station the night before class. One of our staff will bring you out to Firecamp. We will also drop you off the morning after class if needed.

Students arriving by bus will be brought to Walmart on the way to Firecamp to pick up some food or last minute supplies as needed.

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