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NASF Report

Executive Summary


An Overview of Rural and Volunteer Fire Departments

Issues and Recommended Actions



Appendices Case Studies

NAPA Report

Title Page



Executive Summary

Enhancing Local Firefighting Capacity

Panel Conclusions and Recommendations




The Changing Role and Needs of Local, Rural, and Volunteer Fire Departments in the Wildland-Urban Interface


Sponsoring Organizations

National Association of State Foresters

National Volunteer Fire Council

National Association of Counties

International Association of Fire Chiefs

National Fire Protection Association

The Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management

Department of Agriculture Forest Service

Department of Homeland Security U.S. Fire Administration

Core Team Members

Paige Lewis, Colorado State Forest Service (Co-Chair)

Don Artley, National Association of State Foresters (Co-Chair)

Abigail Friedman, National Association of Counties

Tom Kuntz, International Association of Fire Chiefs

Mike Zupko, Southern Group of State Foresters

Mike Dougherty, U.S. Fire Administration

Art DuFault, Bureau of Land Management

Jim Shell, USDA Forest Service

Billy Terry, USDA Forest Service

Editor: Paul Keller, USDA Forest Service

The Core Team wishes to express their gratitude to Paige Lewis and Don Artley, who served as co-chairs in the compilation of this report. Both Paige and Don went far beyond the call of duty to make this report as thorough and beneficial as possible.

Their efforts are greatly appreciated.

Other Contributors and Reviewers

The entire Core Team also wishes to thank the many individuals and organizations who greatly contributed to this report, both by providing background information and by reviewing and commenting on various sections of the draft report.

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