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Fire Origins
Remember. Learn. Share.

On Protection of Towns from Fire — Benjamin Franklin, 1735

On Making Official History Honest — Kent Robert Greenfield, 1954

LCES—a Key to Safety in the Wildland Fire Environment — Paul Gleason, 1991

Attitude Check — Bill Fish, 1995

TriData Phase IV, “Developing a Cooperative Approach to Wildfire Protection” — Charles Perrow, 1998

Lessons From Thirtymile: Transition Fires And Fire Orders — Jerry Williams, 2001

Loop Fire Disaster Brief — November, 1966

1967 Task Force Report

2005 Fire Prevention and Safety grant application



A digital archive of wildland fire fatality and near-miss investigation reports will be the foundation of an “open source” website being developed by the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center. This will facilitate the exchange of ideas, creation of derived works and enhancement of existing firefighter safety materials.

“Wildfire Safety Drill: Mobilizing Lessons Learned” will be an annual 2-day exercise dedicated to improving firefighter safety at initial attack and transition fires. The Drill will serve as a showcase for the best practices of the annual fireline safety refresher class.

The National Wildfire Coordinating Group course, “Lessons Learned: Fatality Fire Case Studies” will be modified to DVD format with digital print material and updated with 5 additional case studies.


a. Personnel

$ 62,000
b. Fringe Benefits
$ 12,400
c. Travel
$ 13,600
d. Equipment
$ 21,700
e. Supplies
$ 9,500
f. Contractual
$ 25,562
g. Construction
$ 0
h. Other
$ 2,500
i. Indirect Charges

$ 0

Indirect Cost Details
Agency Indirect Cost Agreement with
Indirect Cost Rate %
Agreement Summary
Federal Share
$ 147,262
Total Budget
$ 147,262



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