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USFS Fire Suppression: Foundational Doctrine

Sen. Maria Cantwell's April, 2005 statement on:
Wildland Firefighter Safety Act of 2005

Ed Hollenhead's March, 2005 proposal:
The Review of Fire Suppression Doctrine for the USDA Forest Service

Jim Cook's June, 2004 analysis:
Trends in Wildland Fire Entrapment Fatalities

Jim Saveland's 1995 Wildfire article:
Creating a Passion for Safety vs. Management Oversight & Inspection

Professional Status:
The Future of Fire Service Training and Education

USMC Doctrine: Warfighting


Foundational Doctrine

June, 2005

Cost Management

When fire suppression is deemed necessary in order to protect lives and property, our efforts will be undertaken with the highest regard for safety and incidents will be managed as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Cost management is a very significant component of meeting fire suppression objectives, but is not an overriding goal in itself. Once the objectives of the suppression effort have been clearly defined, the appropriate resources will be committed to meet the stated objectives. Successfully and efficiently meeting objectives will not be sacrificed for the sole purpose of “cost savings.”

Fire suppression will be based on sound risk management decision making-processes and take into account values protected and resources at risk. Care will be taken to ensure that the expenditures undertaken to meet the suppression objectives are commensurate with the values to be protected, while understanding that other factors may influence suppression expenditures, including the environment: social, political, economic, and biophysical. These factors can all lead to expenditures that, though they are not tied directly to values at risk, can be legitimate reasons for undertaking suppression actions.

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