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South Canyon Fire

William Teie Report to OSHA — 1994

6 Minutes for Safety — 2009

Fire Behavior Report, 1998

Cover & Dedication

Executive Summary & About the Authors

Preface & Contents


Fire Behavior Overview

Fire Environment

Fire Chronology

Fire Behavior Discussion



Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Report of the South Canyon Fire Accident Investigation Team, August 17, 1994

United States
of Agriculture
Forest Service
Rocky Mountain
Research Station
Research Paper
September 1998

Bret W. Butler
Roberta A. Bartlette
Larry S. Bradshaw
Jack D. Cohen
Patricia L. Andrews
Ted Putnam
Richard J. Mangan


Tragically, 14 firefighters died during the fire run on the afternoon of July 6, 1994, on the South Canyon Fire. We dedicate this study to their memory with the hope that by learning from their sacrifice, future firefighter lives will be saved.

Kathi Beck
Tami Bickett
Scott Blecha
Levi Brinkley
Robert Browning
Doug Dunbar
Terri Hagen
Bonnie Holtby
Rob Johnson
Jon Kelso
Don Mackey
Roger Roth
James Thrash
Richard Tyler

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